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Organize Your Home,

Simplify Your Life.

Inspiring Simplicity Through Organization

Let's Get Organized is a Vancouver-based business that provides all-inclusive professional home organizing solutions and interior styling services designed to simplify your life.


Whether you need a hand to organize one space, one room, or your entire home, we can help! We will create the dream home you deserve.


Hi, I'm Mara

I’m a professional organizer and interior stylist dedicated to helping you simplify your life by creating functional and beautifully organized spaces.

Your life is busy and it is our job to create customized systems within your home that allows you to focus on your family and personal time rather than wondering about where you may have put your keys.


Through my organizing solutions, I help you minimize clutter and stress, creating beautiful spaces that inspire you to stay organized, and giving back time in your day to focus on the things that matter most to you.

The Process

It takes just 3 steps for getting your home organized for good.



We chat

We will start with an in-home or video consultation to determine your needs and organizational goals. We will discuss how to make you feel less overwhelmed by making your space more functional and beautifully organized.


We simplify

This is one of the most important steps in the organizing process. We will help you identify which items to donate/keep/recycle.
So your space looks good and functions flawlessly.

We organize


This is where the fun begins! We will find homes for the items that you have chosen to keep. We will create a system that is efficient and elegant so you never have to stress about how to store something or where to find it ever again.

Our Promise

We promise to always provide 100% confidentiality and judgment-free service. When you choose to work with Let's Get Organized, you are making an investment in your family’s time and peace of mind.


“I can not believe how the transformation in my girls' bedroom reflected positively on our family's well-being. Now they can find their belongings and are actually able to maintain the room neat. Mara has a genuine passion for kids and organizing, which made the decluttering process easier for my kids. She educated the children not only about the beauty of donating but also about how you can sell stuff to buy more functionality for the room."


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